Cloud Servers Cloud server comes with enterprise level Solid State Drives (SSD) with highly scalable options, You can scale cloud servers resources as much as your Business required. Speak to our Experts

Do more with Spani Cloud Servers

You can extend your cloud experience with monitoring services, backups, firewall, snapshots, DNS, loadbalancer.


100% Intel Cores

Boost your application performance with Intel Xeon CPU in our cloud.


No long term contracts

Enjoy the cloud platform experience with hourly billing and no contracts.


Powerful API

Create, resize, reboot, and do other actions on your cloud infra via our API.


100% Uptime SLA

We have 100% Guaranteed uptime, If not delivered, We’ll credit you back as per our SLA.


Secure and Reliable

Our cluster secured with network level firewalls and hardware level RAID technology.


Root/Administrator Access

You'll get full access of cloud server to run any software according to your requirement.

Load Balancer

Distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers within a data center so that a single device does not carry an entire load.

Cloud Firewall

Cloud firewall with no extra cost that checks incoming and outgoing packets to filter from the access policies block malicious and unwanted traffic.You can create and manage your own virtual instance with your own defined rules in our cloud firewalls.


A Networking system that allows us to connect human-friendly names to unique addresses. In simple words remembering every unique address (IP address) is a tough task. To resolve this issue we point unique addresses to a friendly name(Domain).


Advanced Priority Support

Our 24 x7 certified & experienced Cloud experts start resolving the issues as updated to them on Email or ticket.


Advanced expertise by our best agents

Our Experienced team of Cloud experts will resolve technical issues to get your websites up and running.


Available 24/7 always there to help

Our team is available 24 x 7 to resolve your issues even on holidays.


Amazingly Fast quick pickup & resolution

Our 10 Minutes Ticket Response Time ensures that your queries are resolved in as much less time as possible.

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